Who is she?

Here are some quick facts about ME:
  • Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta
  • Completed a Bachelors degree in Business Administration & a minor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation.
  • [soon to be] Certified Integrative Wellness Life Coach 
  • LOVES ice cream.
  • Has over 5 years of business experience
  • Has over 10 years of experience coaching/training youth & young adults
  • Earned a black belt in Tae kwon do - Kickboxing.
  • Been doing life with Jesus for 4 years.
  • Believes in the human potential.
  • Passionate about mentoring and coaching people.

Hi! I'm Chrissandra!

Growing up, I was a pretty determined child.

I lived in an entrepreneurial household. At a young age, I remember being so fascinated by ones ability to create something or provide a service, & in turn somehow better the lives of the people around them.

I remember as a child starting up multiple makeshift businesses, from hustling my classmates with dried glue bookmarks or cute origami stars, to starting up an in-house massage clinic (with proper business hours. LOL ) and forcing my family to support my business.

I also spent over 10 years of my life dedicated to fitness & mixed marital arts. This has taught me great discipline and fortitude in my life. It was also my first introduction to coaching and empowering others, and soon realized my great love for it.

I share all this to say, I have always been passionate about serving others, whether its through business, coaching, or creativity.

Over the last 8 years, I've been a student to business, personal development and success principles. I've studied and watched the lives/habits of some of the most influential leaders. I was intentional in seeking out entrepreneurs & mentors who saw past the money and luxuries of life, but rather cared for the individual and how they could add value.

Even though I am far from where I want to be, I am finally ready to share my creativity, mindset & skills that I've learnt over the years to in some way add value to you!

So send me a message. I'd love to connect with you! 

The vision

is to create generational impact by restoring the family unit through holistic healing and the transformation of an individuals life.

Exploring Creativity,Spirituality, mindset, habits & health.

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