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Hello, my name is Chrissandra.


MISSIONRestoring the family unit through the healing & transformation of one individual at a time, creating lasting generational impact.

My Story

I am passionate about empowering young adults and equipping them with the tools and wisdom to help better navigate their life & faith walk.


But, I also understand what it’s like to know that you are called to something big in life and not know where to start or even how to start.


In my early twenties, my dad walked out on me, my mom, and my siblings – forcing me to learn how to navigate my early adult years by myself. At this time I had also recently found my faith. Being new to it and not having any family members guide me forced me to find mentors and learn how to intentionally walk my faith out.


This is why I’m passionate about sharing my life experiences and knowledge that I’ve gathered over the years. Young adults are at a unique place in their lives, where there are many changes and a new foundation of independence must be set.


When working with me, we will address areas of your life on a holistic level. Whether you’re looking to address your finances, health, relationships, work/purpose, faith walk, I’m here to help you achieve your goals.


*I am certified in Integrated Attachment Theory through the Personal Development School.


Fun Facts:

I’ve trained in mixed martial arts for 10+years (black belt in taekwondo kickboxing)

My Polynesian tattoo is a combination of different tribal patterns done in 3 different countries.

I moved across the country to Toronto in the middle of the pandemic

Photography is one of my creative outlets

Contact Me

I'm excited to help you get the life long results you've been looking for.


 Let's connect.

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