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Updated: Feb 10

For months now i’ve been debating on whether or not I should start a blog. Partially because I question if I really want the world to know the inner knowings of my thoughts. What pushed me to take the actual step was coming across this quote “in order to have a conversation with someone you must reveal yourself” - James Baldwin. It was a great reminder to myself that in order to build community, in order to build connection, you have to be willing to reveal a part of yourself. The goal behind this blog is to keep this underground as long as possible, then transition to a newsletter. (In this digital world I still want to be able to cultivate intimacy and honesty without feeling the pressure to be censored). I will be sharing my thoughts, learnings, revelations, and observations. Building connection with those who genuinely take interest in my life and have meaningful conversations with a community that resonate with me.

By reading this I am assuming that you care enough about me to take time out of your day to discover more than what I actually promote to the world. You would have had taken the time to click on a link, search me on a browser and intentionally click on the BLOG tab, fully knowing you would get a snapshot of my inner thoughts - whatever that may look like. So I say all that just to say - Thank you. I appreciate you.

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