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Confessions of an undone perfectionist: Fashion

In my early twenties i got myself around really successful people. One thing they taught me was that how you dress and represent yourself matters. Its your very first introduction to who you are.

And as I perfectionist I wanted to be accepted. I wanted to be respected as a “successful” person. Little did I know that small shift in mindset would slowly dim the creative voice within me. I no longer dressed to please myself and the person I wanted to be but instead I dressed to portray this image of who wanted acceptance. What it came down to was that I just didn’t trust myself. I didn’t accept who I was nor did I believe that just by simply being was enough to gain the acceptance of those around me. So I changed. I got rid of all the statement pieces in my closet and swapped it out for a clean cut minimalist look. I convinced myself that i was still remaining true to who I was by still putting in an edgy flair to my wardrobe. But who was I kidding, I really was just dimming the light low enough so that part of me could still exist in this world I just deeply wanted to belong in.

Its taken years of healing to come to this realization. To step back into the full creative expression I desire to live. To be able to live out in boldness and courage knowing my identity and trusting myself enough to know what is right and wrong for me. Not the world. But for me.

I remember in my early years of university i would rock these army green cropped drop crouch pants and I remember feeling that I loved how DIFFERENT i felt. I’ve always felt like a misfit growing up. Most of the time i hated it, but it wasn’t till high school where I felt like I really started to embrace being OTHER.

As a creative, leader and entrepreneur, navigating your lane, your voice, your "niche" can be one of the most challenging things. It causes you to stretch beyond the mold and think independently. Quieting the noise around you.

To be a creative, leader or entrepreneur is to be BOLD, courageous, and unashamed for what you have to offer the world.

So friends as you continue to journey on this path, I encourage you to embrace your OTHER.

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