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Christian Life Coaching


Helping young adult creatives & leaders have healthy dynamics with all their relationships.

Are you a young adult who's tired of feeling the pain from navigating relationships?

Do you desire to spend more time/energy on your purpose & craft instead of spending mental energy persevering through triggers and limiting beliefs?

Are you ready to establish a foundation of healthy practice to create generational change?

Book a free 15-minute consultation now to get started!

Why is attachment style important?

I am passionate about empowering young adults and equipping them with the tools and wisdom to help navigate their relationships & faith walk. Knowing ourselves deeply is the first step in living a full and purposeful life - and I’m here to help with that.

My life coaching services are informed by Integrated Attachment Theory as well as Scripture to connect with your personal journey and guide you on the right path forward.

Integrated Attachment Theory explains that everyone has an attachment style:
Anxious Preoccupied, Dismissive Avoidant, Fearful Avoidant and finally, Secure, which is the end goal.
An attachment style is a specific pattern of behaviour in and around relationships. It’s the subconscious rules we have created about love.

Our attachment style tell us a lot about ourselves:

  • Our desire for independence

  • Our desire for reassurance

  • Why we are triggered

  • How we deal with boundaries

  • How we deal with certain behaviours

  • And more!

Client Testimonials

“Working with Chrissandra was such a pleasure. She is well versed and knowledgeable in building healthy relationships for both personal growth and professional development. Chrissandra created a safe and welcoming environment for me to dig deeper and ask the important questions. The tools I have learned from her have been invaluable and greatly benefit my relationships. I would highly recommend.”

Katie, Graphic Designer

"I have had the privilege of getting to know Chrissandra over the past several years as a mentor in her life. Chrissandra is an amazing young woman who has faced numerous life challenges with honesty and integrity.  She has overcome these painful circumstances with courage and a determination to reach a wholesome and fulfilling life. Chrissandra’s deep dive into getting healthy; body, soul, and spirit, has given her a depth of understanding in relationship dynamics and the power of self-reflection.

Motivated by a sincere passion to help others in a practical way, Chrissandra works with her clients  to achieve a healthy thought life resulting in healthy life choices. Specializing in integrated attachment theory, she gives guidance to her clients using prescriptive methodologies and equipping them with tools to move forward successfully in life.

Chrissandra’s sincere love for people and her innate ability to encourage and uplift the people in her sphere of influence position her well to help her clients succeed in life."

Jan, Painter & Mentor


What to Expect

Expect to be met with empathy, zero-judgment and my full attention.


I fully believe that there is a great purpose placed upon your life, and I’m excited to help you walk in it.


  1. Book a Free 15-Minute Consultation

  2. Decide on Personalized Care Plan

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  4. Begin the Transformative Work

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